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AQMP Background Information

The US EPA is working in three areas across the US (North Carolina, New York, Illinois-St. Louis, MO) to pilot the concept of integrating federal, state and tribal air quality management requirements into a comprehensive Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP).

For North Carolina, the NCDAQ is developing a process by which future air quality multi-pollutant plans will be developed. These future plans will address the control of multiple pollutants and air related considerations such as land-use, transportation, energy, and climate change.

The purpose of the pilot project is to develop a multi-pollutant focused AQMP that will involve appropriate stakeholders and outlines how each state participant plans to address air pollutants in an integrated manner.

The goal of the AQMP will be to demonstrate the following incorporated into one comprehensive plan:

  • Attainment/Maintenance of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS),
  • Risk reduction from Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP),
  • Improvements in visibility and ecosystems health and
  • Integration with land use, transportation, energy and climate.

The following documents are the current products of the AQMP Pilot Project:

The following presentations provide additional information such as the background and implementation of the AQMP Pilot Project.

  • North Carolina DAQ Presentation on AQMP [PDF]
  • Background of the Pilot Project [PDF]
  • Current Products [PDF]
  • Implementation of an AQMP [PDF]
  • SE States SIP Summit [PDF]

The NCDAQ is taking comments on the Lay of the Land, Conceptual Model, Communication Strategy and Control Evaluation Strategy Process documents until October 30, 2009. Please provide comments to Phyllis D. Jones at Phyllis.D.Jones@ncdenr.gov.

For more information on the US EPA AQMP pilot program, go to http://www.epa.gov/air/aqmp.

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