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Excessive Idling Complaint Form                Español
North Carolina's idle-reduction rule is aimed at reducing excessive idling by heavy-duty vehicles. To report potential violations of the idle-reduction rule, please submit the form below. More details about the rule and exemptions can be found here. [15A NCAC 02D .1010 HEAVY-DUTY VEHICLE IDLING RESTRICTIONS ]

Please submit report within two weeks of the occurrence.
If you encounter difficulties with this form, please type the information into an email and send it to - Thank you.

Vehicle Identification Information
Equipment/Vehicle Number:
US DOT Number:
NC License Plate number :
Company Name (if applicable):
Vehicle Description:
Sighting Information
Duration of Idling:
Description of Compliant:
Date of sighting:
Time of sighting: :
Complainant Information
The personal information requested below is not necessary to make a complaint, but DAQ can only take action if contact information is provided.
Where you can be contacted during the day:

License plates on most vehicles are typically in the rear of the vehicle with company information and US DOT Number on the side. The equipment or bus number will be on the forward front side or on the front of the vehicle. The exception is with long haul trucks as shown below.

For additional information, please contact:
Phyllis Jones