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Air Quality Forecast
Open burning is prohibited in forecast areas on days when the ozone or particulate air quality forecast is "code orange", "code red", or "code purple". Open burning is discouraged on those days in other areas of the state.

Memo re: Fire Training at Permanent Facilities on Code Orange/Red Days [PDF]

Fire Training Approval Form [PDF]
Download and send in this form to provide DAQ with prior notification of open burning for the training of firefighting personnel.

Firefighter Video Presentation

Burning Questions
View a list of questions and answers about firefighter training.

Regional Offices
Map and contact information of DAQ Regional Offices.

Regulations [PDF] [Text]
View the contents of North Carolina's Open Burning Rule (15 NCAC 2D .1900).

Other Agency Links:

Asbestos Hazard Management
Follow this link to find more information on asbestos inspections, courtesy of the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, Epidemiology Section.

NC Division of Forest Resources
Follow this link to find more information on open burning, including fire danger and open burning permits, courtesy of the Division of Forest Resources.

Open Burning Brochures and Publications
View or download brochures, fact sheets, presentations, and other information about North Carolina's Open Burning Rule.

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